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Project 5

Location:26 Spruce St. Riverside, CT 06878

Type of Property:Residential Home Dinning Room

The Job: 

Although quite a small project, we used cutting edge technology products too ensure the concrete overlay would bond. The client wanted a dust free environment. the kitchen was open too the lower dinning area where the client would place a large table for family gatherings. The project was 450 square feet. We knew after taking a small piece of hardwood up that there were major glue issues, and diamond grinding was not an option. The client wanted a smooth cool gray natural concrete look, while also leveling the floor.

The Capital Matrix Solution:

The Capital Matrix Techs removed all the wood from the concrete substrate. There were were cracks , and divots that needed too be repaired. Then off course the adhesive glue issue. The techs scraped as much glue off the concrete floor as possible. The cracks then were cut with a 4 inch angle grinder to open them up, and injected with CST epoxy crack filler. All divots were then primed, and patched with CST quick patch. The next phase was cleaning the entire surface with a bio degradable cleaner which has no odor. Since there would be no grinding the concrete floor was coated with a nano technology primer that bonds too any clean surface. It is a water based material, that prevents outgassing, and PH balances the concrete. 2 thin coats were applied. after 24 hours of drying time the Self Leveling Overlay was ready too be applied. It was applied between 3/8th to 1/2 inch in overall areas too give a clean smooth surface. Since the overall look would be natural grey, 2 coats of CST water based penetrating sealer was applied with a pump sprayer and back rolled. The floor came out great. The project took 3 days.