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Project 6

Location:603 West Joppa Road Towson, Maryland 21204

Type of Property:600 sq ft of Self Leveling Concrete in Residential Basement.

The Job:
This property had old flooring that needed too removed . As soon as our Concrete overlay installers remover the floating floor, we saw there was a major dilemma with the level of the floor as well as cracks and major divots in the back are where the door too the hot water heater was installed. The client wanted a mottled looking acid stained floor with a matt finish sealer. the room would be used for recreation and billiards.

The Capital Matrix Solution:

The first thing are installers did was clean the floor ,and repair all cracks and divots using an epoxy slurry. Next the floor was lightly diamond grinded to get a profile, and ensure mechanical bond of the primer.

After the floor was again cleaned with a non chemical concrete cleaner. 2 coats of latex primer were applied with a broom to close the pores. Once the primer was no longer tacky, it was time to apply a flood coat of self leveler. The floor varied from 3/8th to 1/2 inch in areas. The next day it was time too apply the stains. The capital matrix artists began to spray a diluted brown stain over the floor too achieve a mottling affect, then used a water based dye to light blend the colors together.

The final stage was too apply 2 coats CST penetrating water based sealer ,followed buy 3 coats of hybrid 30% solid epoxy wax. The project was a success, and ready for foot traffic in 3 days for $7.50 per square foot. Call Us Now for a free consultation 1800-295-8086

Before Work:
After Work:


  • Durability with low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Increased real estate value
  • Turned a store area into a recreational room for the family
  • Job Completed in 3 days