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Project 4

Location:340 Putnam Street, Bridgeport, CT06610

Type of Property:Apartment building with anĀ area of 5,700 sq ft.

The Job:

The huge building home to many families had a damaged and leaking roof. Though the roof strength was not sapped, it was leaking thanks to poor upkeep and maintenance. While owners were ready to replace the roof, we suggested them to consider EPDM roofing seeing their limited budget. They too saw it the best solution they could afford and agreed to our proposal.

The Capital Matrix Solution:

EPDM roofing involves spreading synthetic rubber roofing membrane. Made of ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, this type of roofing solution is extremely durable and perfect for wide and low slope roofs. Being the least expensive, the cost is a plus point for EPDM roofing.

Our experts installed EPDM roofing with the rubber membrane layer covering the entire roof. We added flash around. Though it is a complicated task, our expertise led us to complete it quickly. All ventilation pipes were extended to make sure that the new rubber membrane did not choke air circulation.

The job took us 2 weeks, as we strive to do the best-quality work. The cost was about $10 per sq ft. It included everything, such as labor charges and the cost of materials.


  • On-time, on-budget project completion
  • The most cost-effective, durable solution
  • Appointment of project manager
  • High-grade material at low cost