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Project 1

Location:25 Rockaway Ave Stratford, CT 06615

Type of Property:A 1,700 sq ft residential apartment requiring vinyl siding paint.

The Job:

The property’s structure was old and needs to be reinforced. There were walls crumbling due to moist depositions that led to the development of molds on them. Due to the location of the building, it is subject of damage due to the high-velocity wind.

Owners want the building to be completely refreshed by applying vinyl siding. Their focus was on making it look like new and neat with durable vinyl siding coat. Prior contractors contacted by the owner quoted high rates considering the complexities of the location and amount of insulated vinyl siding needed.

The Capital Matrix Solution:

When we are contacted, we did a thorough recce of the building’s structural condition and the damage done to its exterior. Accordingly, we prepared a budget, which is about 20% less than any quotes given by other contractors. We recommended vinyl siding exterior coating as a better and durable solution compared to aluminum or fiber cement siding. With the best products secured from reputed manufacturers, we were able to offer quality and durability assurance.

We not only provided a cost-effective solution but also offered complete satisfaction to the customer. The look and appearance of the house were improved with the installation of 1/2” insulated vinyl siding. Another coat of double 4 vinyl siding coats was added, as the potential of the wind damage was high in the area.

In addition to it, we installed new aluminum trim on all windows and doors, installing new soffit and white aluminum fascias. This was much needed to give a clean and new look to the building. The entire job was completed in 5 days with a cost of $7 per sq ft.


  • The best cost-effective solution
  • Assured quality of vinyl siding materials
  • Fast project completion
  • 100% customer objective achieved
  • The building got a new and neat look