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Project 3

Location:1680 State Street, Hamden

Type of Property:A residential house of 1400 sq ft.

The Job:

The residential house was relatively in good shape except for its roof. Due to poor upkeep and low-quality material used earlier, it had been subject to incessant leaks. The owner sought our services for a completely new roof layer installation with asphalt shingles.

We were asked if there is a chance that the old-style roof was repaired and preserved with asphalt shingles waterproofing. However, a thorough survey led us to suggest a complete new roof installation, as the old one was too fragile to be renovated and continued.

The Capital Matrix Solution:

We a carried out a thorough survey to identify potentially dangerous areas that were unable to bear the asphalt shingles cover. Before asphalt shingles roofing it was necessary to create a perfect base roof. Our professionals removed the existing roof layer to its deck and did a strength analysis. This was followed by the replacement of rotted wood with new ones able to bear the burden of asphalt shingles.

Next, we spread out a new underlayment. It was installed as a backup to the ice and water shield, a key concern to make roofs immune to nature’s fury. We created drip edges and rake edge to make sure, the roof won’t cave in under pressure of the snow or allow water inside. A chimney flashing was also carved out. Finally, we did the installation of new asphalt shingles.


  • Job completed in record 5 days
  • The customer was happy to find the most cost-effective contractor at $6 a sq ft.
  • Completely new roof with modern, durable features
  • It was made snow and waterproof.