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October 22, 2019

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors in the last decade have changed in the last decade. No longer are property owners using epoxy coatings in their garage, but are also using more decorative coatings in their living areas. Although we have been doing metallic epoxies since 2004. It’s been the new trend in the last few years that has exposed nationwide. 100% solid resin floors are extremely durable. There is no porosity so that you can have a beautiful floor, with little maintenance. As the decorative concrete industry expanded so did the product range ,and companies started jumping into the mix. There are so many different colors too choose from and multiple colors can be used and blended to get the desired effect you are looking for. Some clients even choose to use a simple one color solid epoxy, that could give you a sleek contemporary look.

The Process:

First the overall condition of the concrete floor needs to be accessed. A calcium chloride test should be done in multiple places too make sure there is no moisture. If this is not done you can run into major problems, such as delaminating of the concrete coating. The second step second step would too do all crack repair. Cracks should be cut with a diamond grinder deep into the slab, then injected with a part A to Part B epoxy injector. All divots or any other repairs can be done with other products. We usually use our CST concrete quick fix or a cement urethane slurry. This will all depend on the prep that will be done. Prep is the most critical part of installing any floor coating system. The floor must be mechanically diamond grinded to get a profile for the epoxy to bond too. The floor could also be shot blasted. If not called for in specs, we have a very special universal nano primer that will bond to any substrate including tile. and wood. The key is that the surface is clean from all dust and debris that will prevent the bond. This give a dust free environment which many clients choose. After the flooring is cleaned with a non chemical cleaner, your epoxy floor system is ready too be installed.


We use a base primer if we don’t tint and use 2 coats of the universal nano primer. The color is important when doing a metallic epoxy floor. This is because the metallic powder is added too a clear 100% solid epoxy. You do not want a translucent see through floor. The primer color we used will vary on the color or colors the floor design will be. After the initial primer dries completely, you are ready for you decorative or finished floor portion of the project. When doing a single solid color we will use 2 coats of 100% solid solvent based Epoxy or 65% solid water based which is a quality product but goes down at less mills. When installing Metallic epoxy floors we use one thick flood coat. there are various techniques for achieve amazing effects when using multiple colors. Many times urethane top coats will be used for UV resistance, and to ensure the absolute most durable epoxy floor system.


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